Baleleng – Visayan Folk Song

I’m the type of person who hates anything old. I don’t like old houses. I hate native food (yuck!). I love contemporary. But because I had no choice last registration period in our school, I was forced to take up History 1 which is typically about Filipino History. To make matters worst, my professor required as to make a presentation (dancing, singing, etc.) about native Philippines. Aside from the fact that I hate “oldness”, I also hated dancing. I love singing, but not native song. So to meet halfway with this demand, I decided to not join the performance of our group, but rather just be on the technical side like musical arranger, etc, etc. So today, I was searching around youtube for possible song or dance that my groupmates will perform. I decided to make one presentation per big region (Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao). I already found a rice harvest dance for Mindanao. As I was searching for a song in Visayas, I came across the song “baleleng”. I know there’s a song called “baleleng” in tagalog, and I hated it. I hated it not because it was ugly but because it was used for an OST of a Philippine movie about a gang who were killed because of bank robbery. So, when I saw “baleleng” in youtube, I was kinda hessitant. But because I can’t find other songs that sounds familiar, I tried to click the video of the song “baleleng”. To my surprise, I have been playing it for the past 1 hour over and over again. I LOVE IT. Im pretty sure you will too… watch and listen.

BTW, the girl singing has a magnificent voice.


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